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1Clear bag = clear mind.

According to tidying up, if it doesn’t spark joy then get rid of it.
When you think of declutter, you ultimately think organizing your home, closet, etc… But, what about your handbag?? Could your bag be causing added stressed too?Short answer: YES.
Bags are the fashion item that helps a woman navigate her life every single day and carry the things that are suppose to be necessities. However, if your handbag looks a lot like your disheveled closet (like mine did), chances are your messy bag could be a factor of unnecessary stress in your everyday life.

2. Oversharing is in.

Oversharing is in, or rather, it's been in, and transparent handbags will continue to be a popular choice through next year. Some may see this as a reason to censor their choices, but others might find it to be liberating opportunity to let it all hang out.

3. Lose the weight.

Think of the transparent handbag trend as the excuse you’ve been looking for to finally clean out the bottomless pit that is your purse. Unlike regular bags that typically conceal a pile of receipts, pens, hair elastics, and other weird gadgets you have collected, clear handbags encourage you to edit down the number of items you carry around all day—good for your back, your sanity, and your overall style.

4. Artistic Style.

A clear bag can bring out the artist in you, and forces you to get creative with your styling choices. You can really show off your individuality and make your clear bag unique to your personal style. Whether you’re keeping your belongings tidy with Policy pouches and wallets, create a matchy-matchy vibe to go with your all chic attire, or just dying to show off your wacky aunts Vintage Chanel wallet--putting a look together with spark your stylist creativity. No fear, please have fun with your clear!

5. Forget me not.

Are you ever driving down the road and think you forgot something?! No worries, with a clear bag you’ve got instant visibility into everything you're carrying. You won’t have to take your eyes off the road to do a double check. This means you never have to worry about losing your keys or forgetting your favorite pair of sunglasses ever again.

 6. Easy-breezy security check at the Game.

While we can all agree that these services are necessary and important, if you carry a big bag full of gear, you understand how time-consuming the inspection process can be and how alarming it can be if you see someone carrying a big-ole duffle bag into a crowd of people.… On the other hand, when you walk up with a clear bag, there is no question what you and everyone else around you is carrying. Especially, helps the security team when they can see everything you're carrying in seconds, and creates a quicker process to get you into your event! Plus, everyone in line behind you will especially appreciate your decision!


Cleared for takeout: Transparent Airport Check-Ins. The journey to get to your gate will come a lot easier for you if you pack your toiletries in a clear bag or carry-on clear.

8. Office & School Safety Check!

There is also a rise in businesses requiring employees to carry clear bags when they enter the office. From postal couriers to corporate retail, more & more businesses are enforcing employees to carry a clear handbag for work. From suitcases to lunch totes, these are required and becoming the new office space norm.

 9. Conversation Starter & Trendsetter.

You know you want to ‘that girl’ in line. The girl that is ahead of the game, looking oh so put together in your game day or concert attire. The girl the others look at enviously as they walk back to their car to store their purse. Yup, that will be you. Plus, I guarantee you will get at least one, “where’d you get that” in line. Start the trend, be the trendsetter, and be ahead of the game.

10. Easy Clean Up Carry.

Recycle, reuse, and look brand new! Oh, and in this world of sanitizing, clear is probably the easiest way to accessorize the germs away from that bottomless pit of tote (which yes, it porbably is germ infested).
Stay clean, clear, and in control with your health!!
Win, win, win!

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