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Deluxe Shower Sponge Gift Set

Celavi 3PC Deluxe Shower Sponge Kit

Enjoy the luxury of a relaxing shower with this deluxe shower set that features an exfoliating mitt, back scrub and bath sponge. All the necessary tools to gently exfoliate your skin from head to toe. The set will help relieve stress and revitalize your skin. Experience the level of freshness you deserve. Suitable for every member of the family.

How to Use: Moisten any of the three sponges with warm water and apply your favorite cleanser. Gently apply pressure onto your body as you scrub. If used on the face or on the neck, apply lighter pressure than normal. When finished, rinse and lay sponges flat to dry. Replace sponges every 3 months for safe hygienic practice. For external use only.